Key words: Pack line System integration Rabin / sorting Stereoscopic warehouse Non-standard automation AGV intelligent logistics

Core Technology

  • AGV intelligent logistics system:

    A high degree of automation, automatic charging; Beautiful, and the ornamental degree is improved, so as to improve the image of enterprises; Convenient, reduces the area; The production workshop of AGV car can move back and forth to and fro in every workshop.

  • Laser welding/resistance welding technology:

    Simple operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation, improve the working conditions. Productivity is high, and no noise and harmful gas, in mass production, can make up to the assembly line with other manufacturing process.

  • Industrial vision system:

    Industrial vision system image recognition process is based on information about tasks need to be extracted from the original image data, highly summarized to describe the image content, in order to explain some contents of the image, and judgment.

  • MES system:

    MES can provide manufacturing enterprise with a rapid response, flexible, intensification of manufacturing environment, help enterprises to reduce costs, timely delivery, improve the quality of the products and improve service quality.

  • Tighten system:

    Efficient batch jobs; High reliability and stability; Intelligent, continuous feed, constant torque, can choose provide function of numeration, leakproof function. Screw teeth and floating lock detection.

  • Robot integration:

    Can let robot holding workpieces in grinder, sand are working on the machine and spindle, artifacts can be fixed on the workbench, robots to work with the spindle on the workpiece.

  • Stereoscopic warehouse:

    Top shelf storage. Economical use of land, make full use of warehouse space to increase storage capacity; Automatic access. Transceiver is accurate, rapid and improve the efficiency of RuChuKu, mechanical automation operation of human liberation, reduce the labor intensity.

  • Manufacturing technology:

    11 manufacturing engineers, manufacturing technicians 75, precision components, templates, formwork, sheet metal structure manufacturing capacity.


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Design: A strong design team strength

Companies invest a lot of money for technology innovation, and establish talent good cooperation relations with more than mainland university, has breakthrough in mechanical automation and new energy technology revolution, the existing equipment research and development team of 40 people, manufacturing technical team of 85 people.

Professional: Years of industry experience and technology

Dexingyun science and technology, the industry technical experience accumulated for many years, are favorable for your equipment solutions and quality assurance, over the years, we accumulated service more than thousands of 3 c electronics, automobile, new energy, medical, IT and other enterprises. Service of enterprises including domestic and international numerous well-known enterprises and brands.

Quality: Strict implementation of ISO quality management system

We have the standardization of production system and complete sets of advanced production equipment, perfect service process, repeatedly products strict quality detection test; Quality and reliable processing accessories, strong production strength, etc., strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system and standardized operation, ensure the quality of foolproof.

Service: Integrity management

Has several service and sales channels, at home and abroad over the years we adhere to the good faith management, serves attentively, the equipment for you and your company, your customers.

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